Epic Adventure Design to be specific. Sure it’s not the best time to be traveling. BUT, it is the perfect time to be DREAMING destinations and DESIGNING epic adventures.

In October, full of optimism, I wrote a 6-part script, purchased a microphone, and downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro. It was your typical maiden voyage–if I had known how much work it would be, I probably wouldn’t have started. Goddamned hindsight.

500 hours later, I have a class on Skillshare. It’s a membership program and it’s FREE for one month if you use this link: FREE SKILLSHARE MEMBERSHIP FOR 1 MONTH. Did I mention it’s FREE? I’d really appreciate your participation and feedback. This is your opportunity to design a once-in-a-lifetime trip and get feedback from a veteran nomad. I mean really, what are you waiting for?

Over the years many people have asked, “How do you pick a destination?” and “How do you get started planning a trip?” This class is the answer.

Watch the one-minute Introduction to see if this class is for you. No pressure.

Here’s the description:
Dreaming of an epic adventure to a far-flung destination? Don’t know where to start? Have no idea what it could cost? No worries. Budget nomad, Alexis Steinkamp (aka Free-Range Chick) will help you pick a destination, set some parameters, and sketch a path to make your dream a reality.

In 2017, she moved everything into storage, packed a bag, and hit the road. After many adventures and lots of inspiring stories, she’s ready to share her best strategies for realizing YOUR epic adventure.

You will answer these crucial questions:
Where will you go?
How long will you travel?
What time of year is best?
And the burning question: How much will it cost?

How about a month sampling mouthwatering, Instagramable French pastry in Paris {definately epic}, 3 months exploring Japan {Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka}, or a year traveling around South America {Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina … }? Dream big. We will crunch the numbers to get a rough idea of your expenses and total cost.

The class is designed for adults at any stage of life–from just graduated to completely retired and everyone in between–who want to embrace adventure and see the world.

Your journey begins today!

Next up: Ajijic, MX

4 thoughts on “EPIC CLASS

  1. Hi there. It’s Dancy Bluhm. Sorry we didn’t meet up in Ajijic when I was there in the last week of February. After my short time there, I agree with you on how EASY it is to live there as a foreigner.. And the weather could not be more perfect. I may end up back there next winter for a month or so, not sure. I’m presently in Guanajuato, trying to decide if this is a good place for me to winter, or possibly move. I am comparing it to San Miguel which is definitely easier in many ways, but do I want easy is the question.


      1. You should definitely check out San Cristobal de las Casas. At a higher elevation, it is chilly at night and in the morning. But is a way hip up and coming city. And the textiles are the best.


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