List of 2022 travel destinations


It’s good to have a plan. I think I’m up to M. Plan M—Montreal and Madrid. If that’s successful, I’ll start planning Mexico.

Traveling these days requires a firm belief in miracles. For example, it will be a miracle if all parties make it to Montreal. Many barriers stand in the way. Like what? Stacey asked. 1) Covid. Two friends tested positive this week. I had dinner with one of them inside—it was 55° F outside. So, testing. Luckily, negative.

2) Flight delays. Including, but not limited to shortages (pilot, crew, baggage handler, equipment), inclement weather (thunderstorms, tornados), and overbooking issues. 3) Border-crossing complications both outbound and inbound (mostly due to Covid and requiring proof of vaccination, testing, and in some cases notarized documentation). 4) No trains. That’s right, it appears Amtrak is NOT RUNNING between the United States and Canada, with no restart date posted anywhere. Hmmm.

So, I’ll be taking a Trailways bus from Albany, NY to Jazz Fest ($79 with all the bells, including a full refund). This is getting messy, maybe I should leave my ukulele at home. I think I’ll leave my ukulele at home.

All this and I’m still optimistic, well hopeful. My strategy: Simplify and/or pivot. Tiktok. Here are some examples:

Checked luggage Carryon only
4 months 1 month
Spain Italy Croatia Hungary
Plane Train
Train Bus
Guitar Ukulele
Shoes Sandals

In other news, it is still spring in Chicago. Expect highs of anywhere from 45° to 90°F.

Next stop: Albany, NY. Fingers crossed. Follow the adventure on Instagram.

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