New York

It was time to embrace my inner farmgirl. After a two-year, pandemic-driven hiatus, I headed back east to see my parents and tackle the list of projects that had been piling up.

After repairing a flat on the front-end loader, we planted mushroom spores.

Next, we tackled beets, tomatoes, basil, squash, onions, and more. We harvested garlic scapes and picked peas.

Then, we organized several thousand hostas.

And, resided part of the house on a hot and steamy day. before/after

I still had time to squeeze in two nature walks–Five Rivers and the Keleher Preserve.

And … reconnect with old friends, see my Harvard-bound sister, celebrate a birthday, give my mom a new do, battle over Wordle, binge an entire season of Annika, and plan my next stop.

Some photos of the nursery for your entertainment.

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