It was time to take some of my own medicine.

My five-by-ten storage locker had nearly doubled in price since 2017. Finally, at $152 a month, I was inspired to release my less precious possessions to the universe. Who knew I was weighted down with roughly a half-ton of extras? So I took the advice I often give others: Get rid of stuff, get a smaller place, save buckets of money.

Easier said than done. Over the last 15 years, I’ve downsized from a three-bed house to a one-bed apartment to a studio condo, and finally to this storage locker. It seemed unlikely I’d be able to cull another 50% to fit into a smaller space.

Something big had to go. The dresser. The last piece of furniture I owned was picked up by Brown Elephant Resale. They also graciously took several bags of clothing and roughly 30 pairs of winter shoes.

But that wasn’t enough. I looked at the remaining pile and made an executive decision. I would only keep things I needed for summer visits to Chicago and/or things that would be worth shipping to another destination–one without cold weather. Toya, assistant manager at Extra Space, helped me secure a smaller locker across the hall that made the move substantially easier–much appreciated! And, Jacqueline built me a custom dolly!

Paring down was difficult at first, with some mixed emotions. But over the course of a week, I was able to sort and move my critical belongings to safety. Everything else has found a new home. Special thanks to Jacqueline and Ted who both took away a car full of treasures! Okay, Ted’s car is a Mini Cooper–but it was packed!

The experience took me back to when I first rented that locker five long years ago. I had just quit my job, was selling my condo, and planning to leave the country on a grand adventure. I had no idea what I was going to need in the future. I still don’t know, but I’m betting on … not much.

Before 5′ X 10′ / After 5′ X 5′

But it’s not all about letting go. I cleared enough space to bring something new into my life, meet Baby Taylor. She’s 3/4 size and loves traveling!

Next stop: Guanajuato, MX

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