Bags heading back to storage


Suddenly, I realized it was October and I was wearing a sweater. Time to wrap things up, pack everything into storage and head south. Florida? No.

It’s been a crazy summer of vaccine hunting, domestic flights, pet sitting and eating out–outside. Special thanks to everyone who hosted me this summer, from Jacqueline and JoAnne in the little music room in Andersonville to Mara, Boris and Sophie in the REI tent in Albuquerque. There was also my quarantine apartment provided by Barb and Gina in Edgewater, dog sitting at Randy and Stacey’s and chicken sitting*. Several furry friends generously shared their residence including Bader (RBG) and Stevie (sadly, the recently departed Stevie), Harry, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Brandy Carlyle, JoAnn and Fergus–all great company.

Lots of great meals were shared–from home cooked artichoke and manicotti bake–to restaurant fare–pizza by the slice and Hopleaf–outside. Much beer was consumed. Many accomplishments were toasted. Adios to Audrey, Bobby, Greg, Ted, David & Flor, Len & Jeff, Mark & Melissa, Randy & Stacey, Jacqueline & JoAnne, Barb & Gina!

Big hug and special thanks to Anna (Kochanie) who flew in at the last minute for a reunion! Gracias todos!

The pandemic isn’t over, but we are learning workarounds. For me, it’s all in a single word: Outside.

And so, I’m heading to warmer digs where I can continue living … outside.

* Interested in chicken sitting or any type of sitting? I have a membership with Trusted House Sitters and wrote a post about it called Sitting. You can get a 25% discount on membership with this link.

Next stop: Ajijic, Mexico!

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