Ah-hee who? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Spanish.

It’s pronounced Ah-hee-heek and originates from Nahuatl, the Aztec language. The native name, Axixic means “place where water springs forth” and commemorates the seven fresh-water wells that initially provided water to the village … more

Roughly three months ago, I found a cheap first-class ticket to Guadalajara ($288 USD) and took a gamble. A week later, I read a few pandemic posts on a Guadalajara Facebook group and had reservations. Folks on the ground (mostly US citizens) were discouraging visitors to Mexico’s second-largest city. Oh no! Should I cancel my ticket? Reschedule for November? December? Then I remembered a YouTube video about Lake Chapala. It’s the largest lake in Mexico and it’s surrounded by several small pueblos. It’s also just 45 minutes south of the Guadalajara airport. Maybe a small pueblo would be safer than a big metropolis.

So, here I am in Ajijic, Mexico, population 11,000.

Sounds peaceful, right? No, anything but–boisterous Mariachi bands, deafening church bells, and cuete fireworks that reverberate in your chest cavity–thousands of them. At night? No, any time of the day. Often when a virgin is arriving. And, then again when the virgin departs. FYI, I’m talking about a statue of the BVM.

Anyway, It’s a lovely place to hunker down, again. Beautiful weather, good coffee, friendly people, outstanding tacos–what more do you need? I’ll probably be here until spring.

Have I mentioned the bugs? Volkswagen bugs, lots of them! Feeling nostalgic. My first car was a Bug. Raise your hand if you remember her. Rhinestones on the dashboard? Anybody?

It hasn’t been just coffee and tacos, I made a video. Well really, I learned Adobe Premiere Pro and made ten videos. Yes, huge. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It’s a video class called Epic Adventure Design and it’s on a platform called Skillshare. Read about the process or watch the videos with a FREE 1-month membership.

I spent a rejuvenating afternoon with Urban Sketchers Ajijic. And, I managed to sketch something decent with markers. Not ideal. Lots of fun, talented folks in that group. They meet every Monday at a different location. Note: The lake is very high.

Next: ???

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