Free Jazz

That’s right, 150 FREE SHOWS, perfect weather, friendly Québécoise, strong drinks, famous bagels … in beautiful, Downtown Montreal. I’ll even throw in a mountain and a beach. What more do you want? Mark your calendar for next year.

Amtrak was down. I asked Secretary Pete when trains would start crossing the border again … 1.3M followers, no reply! So I hopped Greyhound from Saratoga, New York to Montreal for $70 with all the bells. It’s roughly five hours of travel and an hour with a couple of 26-year-old, tatted-up military types at the border. I lucked out with a front-row seat and made a new friend from Uzbekistan. No complaints.

Montreal is a city that takes its festivals seriously. And, because favorable weather is in short supply up there, many are crammed into just a few months with lots of overlap. I missed Mural Fest, but the finished pieces were on full display.

The music doesn’t start until 5pm. So I spent two afternoons visiting old haunts–Mount Royal and Clock Tower Beach.

The helpful Jazz Fest app kept me organized from 5pm til midnight. Save a show and the app sends a reminder 15 minutes prior. As I mentioned, roughly 150 free shows on three massive and three smaller themed stages in Quartier des spectacles, Downtown Montreal. After a few days, the stage details were etched in my brain. Ex: Rogers Blues Stage: Northwest corner, nice lawn, pizza and beer nearby. Instagram

If you’re one of those, I hate jazz types. Well, you’re missing out. At this fest, there is something for everyone: Latin, Cool, Swing, Fusion, Avant-garde, Soul, Acid, Blues. And, have I mentioned, IT’S ALL FREE!

If you get all jazzed out, I recommend taking a break with Japanese BBQ and a cold Sapporo.

Next up: Nomad anniversary!

5 thoughts on “Free Jazz

  1. Hi Lexi, Good to get caught up with where you are! Sharon is visiting me in Grand Rapids. Seanan brought her over, and Hilary picks her up on Thursday. Montreal sounds wonderful! I am really wanting to get over to Quebec City, and maybe Montreal, now that I now you are there. Are you there for a while? By the way Pete B. is now a Michigan resident, but you likely know that already. Keep having fun! I admire all you do, girl!! Susan and Sharon


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  2. Montreal is a way cool city. I have only been there once, about 20 years ago! Going for the jazz festival is a great idea, and amazing that it’s free! And the bus ride worked. Have some fun for me.

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    1. Stayed in an Airbnb a bit west of downtown near Jean Talon Market. Depending on what type of accommodations you want, Montreal isn’t too pricy. Of course, it’s not Mexico. Going to be hopping around Mexico this winter–interior, Pacific and mountains.


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